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Rito Srsly GG (2) Rito Srsly? 07-06 06:24 PST
Hello everyone,

Recently I made several posts on the official Riot forums. One of these directly to the feedback section.

I had made a post about how the bots are killing the Aram matches. One game I had with 3 bots on my team against 4 bots and 1 poor human, that human must've known something was up, as they never left spawn. Just let us push, while his bots hung in the same spot behind each turret.

Cheap un-meaningful grade S+ grade rip was the result. rip.

I posted about why did I get 14.5 minute Q on a Saturday night at about 8pm server time.. with a fail Q on at the 12.5 minute mark ( the only other Q in that time )

I posted how to spot a bot. For those people that didn't know and who kept pinging a bot, telling them to get back, getting salty at a bot and then reporting it.

I made a post requesting that riot do something about this and how Rift players might laugh at discontent in arams, but how would they like it if these bots crept into rift matches.

Ok so that's the guts of it.

The thing is, all posts vanished in less time than it takes to have an aram game..

I know now, as I found out after those posts, that Tencent, a Chinese games company, bought LoL back in December 16 last year.

Well the forum isn't China! your going to delete anything because it doesn't suit you!

Despite the truths and obvious failings and the quickly increasing discontent amongst the Aram fan base. More fool you, it will cost riot rp in the long run..
Many I have spoken to said some bad language they aren't spending until the issue is fixed...

If the players wishes to enhance the game and give feed back are ignored.
If the players aren't happy, then they sure aren't going to spend RP.
I wont even go on about how they change your skins you pay for, frequently which ain't worth a "TOS".
Then the income for Riot is sure to dwindle.
If riot moderators edit this stuff out, then well.. players will edit out their RP too huh.. logically.

Now, I was very polite in these posts, I had made.

While a post about some one wanting an, "F word" refund of 300$ because of some unrelated dynamic Q is there for all to read...

It seems Riot doesn't care for its customers feedback, indeed it deletes it ignores it, closes its eyes lalala it never happened...

GG RIOT! (get Good) There's alot of other games out there wanting mine and other players money.

Just coz you got a world playoffs and such your ignoring the little players the RP 10 20 and 50 dollar players that are your bread and butter...
That's a fools mistake in any business.

Unknown what's your (your team's to be exact) MMR in ARAM so that you counter bots? You can find it at during active ARAM game.
I played about 100 games there but never met a bot.
07-07 23:38 PST  
Unknown Hi,

Thanks for the tip, the team I most recently played with had a MMR, of a lowly total, 800
Two of these players were, I suspect, bots.
I think bots, because from the info on the Page you posted about how to get players game details, that two of the players didn't even have runes..
So yea. Rip
07-21 12:49 PST  

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