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Ask any questions you want to know. (24) LOLSTARZ 05-19 04:38 PST
Ask any questions you want to know.
Applepie How are you dealing with those spam posts? 06-25 03:27 PST  
LOLSTARZ I don't mind 06-26 04:02 PST  
Max what are the stars in the profile and how do you get them? 07-04 16:44 PST  
LOLSTARZ The stars indicates an overall experience regarding League of Legends for a summoner. The number of stars is determined based on game data we've collected. It means that the stars are not official information from Riot Games. 07-05 16:50 PST  
anniejellah What do the tags such as "cj" and "prophet" mean? 07-05 19:05 PST  
LOLSTARZ You are able to see some badges in your game result in the mobile environment.
The conditions to see the tags you mentioned are below.
Prophet: Wards killed > 6
CJ (Counter Jungle): Neutral minions killed enemy jungle > 8
07-06 10:32 PST  
LOLSTARZ The purpose of the tags is to briefly summarize a summoner's performance of each game. 07-06 10:37 PST  
Kappa idiot What do God of deal and ok mean? 07-22 03:28 PST  
LOLSTARZ God of deal: Your total damage dealt per minute > 5000
God of PK: Your total damage dealt to champions per minute > 700
07-22 23:19 PST  
Obai Is there any List to See the meaning of every badge?
09-07 20:09 PST  
Denlee I think the amount of hours spent in game is possibly wrong. The website that is devoted just to delivering how many hours you've spent on league (just look up ( Can you double check the stats? 09-14 06:02 PST  
LOLSTARZ 1. Information about badges in the mobile website
We will provide the meaning of every badge soon.

2. The amount of hours spent
We will check it as soon as possible. When we fix it, we will post a new thread about it.
09-18 11:05 PST  
catseye is spectetor/replay down? not found match 10-19 13:43 PST  
LOLSTARZ Spectating is working properly and has no problem. We will check the replay soon.
10-20 16:16 PST  
soarath what does the veteran tag mean? when i search my name (soarath) it says veteran next to my winning or losing streak/ what is that 11-07 11:09 PST  
LOLSTARZ It is the same thing as your veteran emblem in your league information in the game client. In other words, it means that you've played more than 100 games in the same division (tier). 11-07 13:17 PST  
Rowan Is the MMR Calculator only going to be for Solo/Duo, both Flex/Solo scores, or will there be separate scores? 12-12 19:25 PST  
LOLSTARZ The MMR calculator is only for Solo/Duo games now. 12-13 09:27 PST  
cacat is replay dead? 02-21 22:27 PST  
shoryau How do you pick the featured games for ARAM in OCE? Or put another way, do you have a way of calculating MMR for OCE ARAM? I would love to know as the only method I have of finding ARAM MMR for OCE players is through while in-game. 04-12 18:18 PST  
LOLSTARZ The replay is not working now. I recommend to use the official replay function of the game client.
04-17 10:42 PST  
LOLSTARZ The featured games for ARAM are from the official APIs of Riot Games. They are automatically generated by Riot Games. Currently, we do not have a way of measuring MMR for ARAM but we will check if it is possible.
04-17 10:44 PST  
Unknown Is the site no longer updated? Updating summoners no longer appear to work. I can't get my recent games or any of the recent games of my friends and it shows update failed for at least 2-3 of the 8 steps when I select update. 06-24 11:34 PST  
LOLSTARZ The updating problem has been resolved now. 06-24 14:33 PST  

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